Volvo-Penta Boat Trim System (BTS)

The innovative Volvo-Penta Boat Trim System (formerly the QL Boat Trim System) uses a patented water intercept technology to provide for:

Quick Planing • Increased Speed • Reduced Pounding • Listing Correction • Smooth Ride


Volvo-Penta Boat Trim System

Our customers report excellent results! Scroll down to see some pictures and comments.

The interceptor consists of a small retractable composite blade that is mounted on the trailing edge of the boat's transom. As the blade is lowered it generates an upward pressure on the hull, raising the stern and pushing the bow down. The system is designed for planing and semi-planing hulls with maximum speed of 50 knots.



Compared to the traditional trim tab that extends beyond the transom the interceptor has a lower profile and is less exposed to possible damage

Volvo-Penta Boat System Volvo-Penta Trim Tab

Traditional trim tabs often use exposed hydraulic actuators to position large tabs that protrude from the transom

The Volvo-Penta Boat Trim System kits come complete with everything needed to install the system – 2 x low profile Interceptors (either 300mm or 450mm), a Control Panel with 4 push buttons and two rows of LEDs for precise trim indication, a Control Unit (wiring manifold) – this is the brains of the system and is used for 1 or 2 pairs of Interceptors, 2 x 4-pole cables for connecting the Control Unit to the Interceptors and 1 x 6-pole cable (available in 5 lengths) for connecting the Control Unit to the Control Panel.

If you have more than one helm station, a T-cable is added and an extension cable is used to power the Control Panel and the second helm station. We are happy to help you design a custom system for your boat, please call at 866-209-6132.

There are two basic kits for single installation and one helm station, as well as separate components which are available in our web store.

PLEASE NOTE: The area of the transom where the interceptors are to be mounted must be straight, flat and smooth. If you have a question whether the BTS will work on your boat, email us pictures of the transom.

The Volvo-Penta Boat Trim System was featured in DIY Boat Owner magazine Issue 2005-4
The article includes a step by step installation on a 22 ft boat.The sea trail results were very positive and to quote the article “beyond our expectations”.

“This simple device improves boat-operating efficiency and handling safety. Boats plane earlier and more consistently and gain stability in cornering. With the proper trim angle there's also the promise of fuel savings. Enjoy the ride!”

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Sizing Guidelines:

Many factors affect the choice of the right sized interceptors, and these sizing recommendations are based on average performance. Your choice may vary based on power, engine configuration, weight distribution, type of boat and use. The largest interceptors that will comfortably fit on the transom will be the most efficient. For semi-planing hulls, it may be necessary to increase the length of the interceptor configuration.
Please call if in doubt which size is best for your boat.

Boat Length
Single Engine Installation
Twin Engine Installation
15' – 24'
22' – 30'
28' – 34'
32' – 44'
QL450 + QL300
42' – 50'
QL450 x 2
QL450 x 2

Download the Volvo-Penta Boat Trim System Installation Manual HERE